Services and Rates

I specialize in nonfiction and creative nonfiction editing, coaching, and manuscript assessment. 

Book Coach

I will work with you to map out and complete a first-draft nonfiction manuscript 

$60/hour (open ended) or $600 for a 3-month package fee (includes one hour per week Zoom meetings or phone calls and weekly writing submission critique)

As your book (writing) coach, I help you identify the most suitable and marketable theme for your manuscript. I will help you stay focused on your theme, keep your ideal audience in mind, and serve as an accountability partner. Please note that coaching does not include line or copyediting; however, I offer editorial guidance and feedback to improve your writing as you go.

Manuscript Assessment

Overall Analysis

$300 to read manuscript and write report

With a manuscript assessment, there is no editing. Instead, I provide a report. Since I work in nonfiction, prior to the assessment I will need to know your answers to these questions: Who is your audience? What is your purpose? What promise does your manuscript make to the reader? I will tell you what works and what doesn't, such as:

  • have you fulfilled your promise to the reader? 

  • is the subject matter thoroughly and accurately explored?

  • are the style, tone, and approach appropriate to each of the above?

  • how much editing needs to be done (see below)?

Limited Time Offer Coaching Package

1-hour Zoom meeting or phone call per week PLUS critique of weekly writing submissions for

coaching contracts signed by January 20, 2022

1 month: $200

2 months: $375

3 months: $500


Developmental Edit

Shaping Stage


A developmental edit has many nicknames: a deep-dive edit, a macro edit, or a big-picture edit. At this early editing stage, I look at the presentation of the material in the entire manuscript. This is an organizational edit. I might move chapters around, as well as large chunks of text within a chapter. I suggest how to plug holes in the material. I will...

  • make the chapter arrangement logical.

  • give the text a cohesive flow.

  • highlight jargon to be defined or eliminated.

  • check to assure the tone and language are appropriate to the purpose and audience.  

Limited Time Developmental Editing (DE) Offer

I will help you shape, organize, clarify, and plug holes in the text of your finished nonfiction manuscript of up to 80,000 words

$45/hour for DE contracts signed by February 15, 2022

Substantive Edits

Idea Development & Clarity Stage


A substantive edit addresses the flow of ideas within a chapter or sections within a chapter, the clarity of the ideas and information, and the quality of the prose. I make sure...

  • the work has smooth transitions between chapters.

  • we fill in missing content.

  • the prose is clear and appropriate for the target audience.

  • the prose uses an active voice and engages the reader.

Line & Copy Edits

Smoothing & Correcting Stage


It's hard to separate line and copy edits. These are paragraph- and sentence-level edits. I check the flow. I decide if every paragraph, every sentence, and every word is necessary. I make sure...

  • the text is clear, logical, and coherent.

  • the structure is consistent throughout and easy to follow.

  • the tone is appropriate to the material, audience, and purpose.

  • spelling, grammar, and punctuation are consistent and correct. 

  • repetitious words are removed.

  • awkward phrasing is rewritten.

  • you've used active voice and you're showing not telling.


Limited Time Copyediting (CE) Offer

I will copyedit your finished manuscript of up to 80,000 words

$35/hour for CE contracts signed by February 15, 2022



This service is only offered to my clients for whom

I have edited the manuscript

Quality-control Stage


The end of the line to make the manuscript the best it can be. It's the final review, after the manuscript has been typeset. A clean-up, looking for errors of any kind that happened during the typesetting process: checking for PUGS (punctuation, word usage, grammar, syntax), any inconsistency of font style, weight, and size, problems with page layout, numbered charts, graphs, and images, and widows and orphans.