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Editor & Writer, A Collaboration

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

UPDATED 12/28/2021

A good editor must learn the author's vision, see the strengths of the work, and sort out its weaknesses. Without question, some editors are super-critical. But in truth, some authors are super-sensitive.

As your editor, I will offer honest feedback and constructive advice. In the manuscript assessment and developmental edit, those are crucial editorial responsibilities. You, the author, might not always like what I'm suggesting. We will disagree at times, I guarantee it. Professional disagreements are a good thing.

I am not your enemy. I gain nothing by sabotaging your work. Excellence in the content and quality of your work is as much a reflection on me as it is on you. I ask that you receive my comments and suggestions in the spirit of fostering teamwork, and allow my editing skills to complement your writing skills.

Trust is a requirement of the editor-author relationship. You must trust that I want your work to be of outstanding quality and I will perform my services in your best interests.

I promise to treat you and your work with courtesy and respect. I ask the same in return. Mutual respect is essential if we are to Strike the Write Tone.

In addition to working as a nonfiction and creative nonfiction editor and writing coach, I am co-author, with Dr. Terri Lyon, of the book Make a Difference with Mental Health Activism: No activism degree required—use your unique skills to change the world. Visit my website page Make a Difference and Dr. Lyon’s activism website Life At The Intersection to learn more about Make a Difference, including how to place bulk orders.

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