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(Nonfiction & Creative Nonfiction)


Manuscript Assessment


(Nonfiction & Creative Nonfiction)

Here's a grammar lesson and a good laugh rolled into one. STAY SAFE!

My motto is “Every word of every sentence matters.” See it there, under the logo?

The quality needs to start with the first word. And not stop.

Every author I have worked with has referred to his or her manuscript as my baby when handing it over. I write too, so I understand that sense of possessiveness you have about this work you have created. I promise to respect your baby.


You start with a blank screen or sheet of paper and transform it into an eloquent essay, clever short story, captivating novel, or ground-breaking nonfiction book. It is a strenuous process and I respect that. Whether you are handing over your first finished piece to an editor or you’re a veteran at this sort of thing, you have chosen wisely to let another pair of eyes review your creation.