Elle Benson, Author of Cultivate Your Happiness, Mama-To-Be



Hiring Trish was a great choice! Excellent communicator and passionate about helping others!

Author Elle Benson and me.

Leda Porter, Author of 25 Dates To Happily Never After, at theledaporter.com


After publishing my first book, I realized that I had some editing issues and I was embarrassed.
So much that I didn’t promote the book as planned. As I was nearing completion of my second
book, I started having anxiety because I had no idea where I would find a reputable editor. Well,
call it divine intervention, but somehow, I found the Editorial Freelancers Association website
and I found Trish.

I sent an inquiry and she responded within a day. From the moment we started corresponding,
she was very pleasant and encouraging. I sent her the first chapter of my book and I really loved
her feedback. Trish never tried to change my voice or the tone of my book. She was also very
honest with me when she suggested changes. I appreciate her for that.

Trish was a pleasure to work with. She kept the lines of communication open with me and I
never questioned anything she said. I felt very comfortable with her throughout the process. I
told her my timeline and she was able to work with it.

If you want to work with an experienced editor, then I recommend Trish. She challenges you in
a way that makes you a better writer. She is professional and honest. Those are qualities I look
for when I am working with someone. I am more confident in my writing skills and I can’t wait
to share this book with the world. I’m sure this will not be our last time working together. Thank
you, Trish, for being so amazing! I couldn’t have made it without you!


Dr. Terri L. Lyon, Author and Activist at Life At The Intersection

From Acknowledgments, What's On Your Sign? How to focus your passion and change the world

My fantastic editor Trish (Richert) Lockard contributed to this book in many ways. After she reviewed my NaNoWriMo draft, she had excellent ideas for the structure of the content. She also suggested creative additions such as interviewing local activists. That's my favorite part of the book now. She walks that tightrope between inspiration and critique perfectly.... I'm not sure I would have made it without you, Trish!


Dr. Catherine Denton, Author and Counselor
Metaphysical Girl: How I Recovered My Mental Health

I am so happy to recommend Trish Richert for all your editing needs. She has helped my school and professional papers tremendously. The doctoral thesis I turned in back in 2014 benefited greatly by her experienced eye. She also helped boost my confidence by assuring me that even though there was still work to be done in getting my paper in shape, it was do-able and a valuable skill to cultivate.


We collaborated in getting my manuscript ready for giving to a publisher. Her instruction and critique are making me a better writer. I value her assistance and knowledge of her craft. I will continue to count her as part of my editing team.


If you are considering professional help with any kind of editing, such as the types she lists on her website, you will be in good hands with Trish.